REACH - A Publication of MASTERPAK sal - June 2011
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  • MASTERAK receives 2010 Industrial Exporter Award
  • MASTERPAK to distribute AGRU Geo-Membranes in MENA
  • MASTERPAK Co-Sponsors Lebanon Student Star pack 2011
MASTERPAK receives 2010 Industrial Exporter Award

MASTERPAK received award at the National Excellence Awards for Industry on 1st of June 2011, held at Holiday Inn Dunes in Verdun, Lebanon.

Lebanon Opportunities and Euro-Lebanese Centre for Industrial Modernization (ELCIM), created the event aiming at enhancing the private sector’s competitiveness by supporting and recognizing private sector industrial institutions, including large and small-to-medium sized (SME) companies, for industrial achievements.


Award Received by MASTERPAK

The National Excellence Awards for Industry, organized by InfoPro Events, honors accomplishments in 4 major areas including: innovation in products, performance of the product and process, corporate governance, and marketing. Each of these categories is further divided into 3 sub-categories.

Under the performance category, MASTERPAK received the award for Industrial Exporter of the Year 2010.

INDEVCO Group representatives

INDEVCO Group Representatives with Neemat Frem (in middle),
President & CEO of INDEVCO Group, at National Excellence Awards for Industry

MASTERPAK to distribute AGRU Geo-Membranes in MENA

In April 2011, MASTERPAK teamed up with AGRU, manufacturer of high-quality plastic products, to offer customers innovative products and lining solutions for water and solid containment. AGRU, headquartered in Bad Hall, Austria, produces and distributes high-quality plastic products, environmental technology, and constructional engineering worldwide.

Today, MASTERPAK is the exclusive distributor of AGRU geomembranes in Bahrain, Egypt, Eritrea, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, and Sudan. A PE film manufacturer in Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon, MASTERPAK offers AGRU High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Linear Low Density PE (LLDPE), and Very Low Density PE (VLDPE) geomembrane liners.


AGRU HDPE liner (2.0mm) -
water reservoir for ski resort in Hochzeiger, Austria

AGRU Geomembrane Applications and Specifications

Geomembranes have a vast array of applications ranging from water reservoir lining, stadium or basement water proofing, solid waste containment, dam or tunnel lining, and many more. AGRU geomembranes have a thickness of up to 3.0 mm and width of 5 or 7 m and are manufactured in a high-precision calendaring extrusion process.



AGRU HDPE Liner (2.0 mm) - municipal landfill in Paris, France

AGRU HDPE MICRO-SPIKE designed for application with steep slopes in combination with geotextiles

Bachir Awwad, MASTERPAK Geomembrane / Petrochemical & Dry Food Packaging Market Manager, states,

We deliver liners with a smooth and structured surface finish. AGRU MICRO-SPIKE (structured surface) ensures a safe design with excellent interface friction properties.”

AGRU geomembrane liners are extensively tested through internal production control, lab control and system tests, as well as through external quality inspections by independent state authorized institutes, such as MPA – Damstadt, SKZ – Wuerzburg, BAM – Germany, and OFI – Wien. Thus, AGRU geomembranes comply with various high-quality standards.

MASTERPAK Co-Sponsors Lebanon Student Star Pack 2011

As gold sponsors of LibanPack’s student packaging competition, MASTERPAK is encouraging development in the packaging industry.

The Lebanese Packaging Center (LibanPack) hosted its annual student packaging contest in UNESCO Palace, Beirut, Lebanon on 22 March 2011. Under the patronage of the Lebanese Minister of Industry, Abraham Dedeyan, Lebanon Student Star Pack 2011 encouraged creativity in the packaging industry by providing a forum for students to present new innovative packaging to industry professionals.


Lebanon Student StarPack 2011

The event recognized the best student packaging designs under each of three categories: Visual (uplifting/creation of label designs), structural (innovative and functionally interesting packaging designs), and nougat & “Malban” packaging.

Winners received cash prizes ranging from $ 300 – $ 1000.Last year’s success resulted in a wider scope for this year’s contest with Jordan and Syria participating.

At Lebanon Student Star Pack 2011, MASTERPAK demonstrated to students the sectors it serves: agricultural, beverage, catering, chemical & petrochemical, construction, hygiene, industrial and processed food sectors.

The PE film manufacturer, located in Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon, manufactures and exports plastic polyethylene (PE) films and bags.

Amal Merhi, MASTERPAK Marketing Manager, explains,

“We support the mission of LibanPack, to increase market access of Lebanese products to export markets, and encourage their initiative to honor the best student packaging designs.”

MASTERPAK Representatives MASTERPAK Representatives

(L-R): MASTERPAK representatives Cezar Moukarzel, Jean Challita,
Najah Daccache, Fayssal Frem, INDEVCO Paper Containers
Managing Director, & Elie Chehwen
(L-R): Cezar Moukarzel, Najah Daccache, & Jean Challita

Established in 1974, in Lebanon, MASTERPAK sal manufactures co-extruded polyethylene (PE) films and bags for the agricultural, construction, food and beverage, soap and detergent, household, hygiene, catering and industrial sectors. Products are destined for Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and beyond. MASTERPAK sal is a member of the multinational INDEVCO Group.

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