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Throughout our journey, and in every progress we have made, we always came back to the same conclusion: hard work is a prerequisite to success. The more we worked hard, the more progress we made toward our goals since “there is no place where success comes before work, except in the dictionary”, Donald Kendall, Co-Founder, former Chairman & CEO of Pepsi. We work hard and constantly challenge ourselves to improve our value proposition.

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Amal Merhi, MASTERPAK Marketing Manager

  • MASTERPAK Launches FFS Film Production
  • MASTERPAK on the Path to Full 5S Implementation
  • Iraqi Delegation Visits MASTERPAK Polyethylene Film Plant

Beginning August 2010, MASTERPAK started Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) roll production for the packaging of dry condiments, fertilizers, petrochemical products, as well as other products.

Guy Habbaki, MASTERPAK Quality Assurance Manager, states,

“We are committed to providing customers with consistent high-quality FFS films for different applications. Our highly-trained and experienced team of professionals has production flexibility to produce as per customers' specifications. We continuously work on supplying products on time.”

We will be producing three-layer heavy duty FFS film tube in rolls with side gusset and embossing. Furthermore, the film will range from 30-80cm in width and 140-170microns in thickness and the outer diameter of the roll can go up to 1m.

MASTERPAK will be using flexographic printing which enables two-side print of up to four colors and will be customizing the film according to the type of the packed product.

Amal Merhi, MASTERPAK Marketing Manager, explains,

“This new and technically advanced flexible packaging line will allow us to cater to the rapidly growing market demands of dry condiments, polyolefin, and granules, in addition to chemical and petrochemical products, composts and fertilizers, powder detergents, and cement on FFS machinery.“

Request quote here for our FFS Rolls


MASTERPAK lately launched the 5S methodology aiming at running a well-oiled manufacturing plant.

The 5S methodology is used in order to organize workplaces, facilitate all processes and improve overall performance. The 5S methodology consists of 5 phases: Sorting, Setting in Order, Shining (systematic cleaning), Standardizing, and Sustaining.

MASTERPAK, with the implementation of the 5S methodology, aims at increasing efficiency and effectiveness by improving safety, downtime, quality and throughput. We also, seek to foster better employee morale and communication.

Imad Njeim, MASTERPAK Plant Manager, explains,

“All workplaces require organization and 5S provides the tools to ensure a better workplace. MASTERPAK launched the 5S three months ago and we have already noticed a positive outcome in terms of safety, efficiency and motivation.“

By the execution of the 5S, MASTERPAK’s work area will be organized strategically to assist daily tasks and communication without excess bulk. Employees can easily access materials and tools they need, thus eliminating waste and reducing production time.

Furthermore, by making certain that production wastes are properly disposed of, thus avoiding littering of the workplace, safety is ensured consequently cultivating a healthy work environment.

Njeim shares a simple example depicting the 5S outcome,

“If a specific place is not allocated at home for car keys, every time these keys are misplaced time will be wasted in search of them, thus resulting in missed appointments. This is an example of how disorganization results in inefficiency. The 5S methodology, also known as the housekeeping methodology, serves as the “key holder” to all workplaces, providing the solution to disorganization.”



MASTERPAK shares agricultural and horticultural film expertise with Iraqi ministry officials and professors to strengthen and support the Iraqi agricultural sector.

Officials from the Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture and University of Baghdad Dean of the College of Agriculture and professors from the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering visited Lebanese PE film manufacturer, MASTERPAK, on 29-30 June 2010.

The Iraqi delegation with MASTERPAK team
The Iraqi delegation with MASTERPAK team   

The visit began with a welcome speech by Wissam Moubarak, MASTERPAK Area General Manager. Moubarak welcomed the Iraqi visitors and emphasized the mutual importance of establishing relationships with Iraqi agricultural experts. Sharing know-how would support the Iraqi agricultural sector.

Nicole Jabre, INDEVCO Online Communications Unit provided an overview of INDEVCO Group, the mother company of MASTERPAK, including corporate mission, history, core business divisions, and general facts and figures .

Jihad Rahme, MASTERPAK Sales Manager detailed market trends and packaging modes in the Iraqi and Middle Eastern agricultural sectors.

Râny Sfeir, MASTERPAK Agricultural Engineer explained in-depth MASTERPAK's agricultural and horticultural films , their usages, and warranties .

Sfeir states,

"We, at MASTERPAK, are seeking to provide agricultural solutions to the Iraqi agricultural sector. We are also ready to share know-how and information with agricultural engineers for their university research projects."

Nayef Ghaith, MASTERPAK Production Manager organized a tour of the Zouk Mosbeh manufacturing plant and quality control laboratory.


MASTERPAK produces compost and forage bags , geomembranes, greenhouse filmground cover film, hydroponic gully film, low tunnel film, mulch film, protective bags for banana cultivation, silage film, and soil disinfection film .

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Established in 1974, in Lebanon, MASTERPAK sal manufactures co-extruded polyethylene (PE) films and bags for the agricultural, construction, food and beverage, soap and detergent, household, hygiene, catering and industrial sectors. Products are destined for Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and beyond. MASTERPAK sal is a member of the multinational INDEVCO Group.

Zouk Industrial Zone
Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon
Tel: +961-9-209 001
Fax: +961-9-209 002

MASTERPAK - Zouk Mosbeh - Lebanon - 961-9-209002

Our Customers Testify!


Mr. Mohamad Morhabi  – Lebanon
General Manager of Bella Flex
We were facing repetitive incidents of ink stains on our mattress from the printed PE wraps until we started to source from MASTERPAK. We found in MASTERPAK a reliable supplier of safe and good quality printed PE Films for our Bella Flex ® mattresses. Their on-time delivery, regular follow-up and excellent after-sales service have made them today our sole supplier partner.











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