Our vision is to be a leading provider of plastic film solutions in all the markets we serve.

We will earn this leadership position by providing reliable and high-value flexible packaging films tailored to our customers’ needs. We will add value to our products by providing distributors and customers outstanding service; we will achieve this through our uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence. We will also swiftly adapt our processes and business practices to the constantly changing marketplace.

In return, we will maximize our stakeholders’ value and contribute to the social and economic development of the community we live in, thus applying our Group’s philosophy: “What is good for the community is good for the company.”


Our daily operations are guided by the core values of our mother company, INDEVCO Group.

Family Spirit
Every individual member is unique.
People are not numbers; they are the most important assets.
People are not a means to an end; they are the objective.

Entrepreneurial Drive
Turn ideas into action and initiatives.
Translate dreams into reality and dare to take initiative.
Move, move, move and be proactive.
Be accountable and responsible.

Hard Work
Our efforts transcend the boundaries of duties and responsibilities.
We are committed to go the extra mile.
Hard work blesses the soul.
Hard work is fulfilling.

The end does not justify the means.

Focus the mind to think and act in terms of precision in:
Time, Vision, Diagnosing & analyzing,
Describing & communicating, Delivery

Modesty provides us with a great opportunity to learn.
Let us not seek credit nor let our ego blind us.
Modesty is the provision carried during the journeys to success.

Servant Leadership
A leader is at the service of the mission.
The cause is not at the service of the leader.