• Blue PE bags used for banana cultivation to improve bananas’ quality, appearance and protect from birds and pests. Available in tie or regular bags, bundle or loose bags.

  • Also know as banana ripening bags, banana bunch covers, banana covers and crop covers for bananas
  • Allowing faster & more trustworthy harvest
  • Allowing adequate ripening of the banana
  • Improving the quality & appearance of the fruit
  • Protecting from external natural conditions (wind, rain, sun damage, etc.)
  • Preventing mechanical injuries (marks & scratches)
  • Preventing birds, insects & fruit flies from damaging the fruit & causing spots

Film Thickness
20 – 45 microns
Per your requirements

Roll Width
Per your requirements

Film Perimeter
1.5 – 1.6 m
Per your requirements

Film Length
1.15 m
Per your requirements

Film Color

You can request customized plastic film to meet your agricultural needs!

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