Strong & durable co-extruded plastic PE greenhouse covers for fruits, vegetables & flower crops.

  • Regular or thermal film tailored to special applications & climatic conditions
  • Also known as greenhouse film, polyethylene sheeting for covering crops & greenhouse covers

Number of Layers
3-layer co-extruded film

Film Thickness
80 – 120 microns (1-Season or 1 year)
150 – 180 microns (2-Season or 2 years)
180 – 200 microns (3-Season or 3 years)
180 – 200 microns (4-Season or 4 years)

Film Width
Up to 14 m

Film Length & Roll Width
Per your requirements

Film Color

Additives or Filters
Anti-dust additive
Anti-fog additive
EVA co-polymer
Foaming agent additive
Infrared additive
Light diffusion additive
UV stabilizer additive
Anti-petal blackening filter
Disease control filter

You can request customized plastic film to meet your agricultural needs!

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