Co-extruded UV-stabilized PE ground covers to increase photosynthesis & protect from soil-borne diseases.

  • Also known as ground cover plastic & ground plastic film
  • Maximize light reflection with white or silver layer
  • Repel insects & keep the root zone cooler
  • Control weed with opaque layer & suppress it with black layer
  • Withstand foot traffic with up to 3-layer co-extrusion
  • Prohibit water & air penetration
  • Keep for up to 12 months with UV-stabilization
  • Mostly suitable for hydroponic cultivation, low-light seasons and high-foliage crops

Number of Layers
Co-extruded up to 3 layers

Film Thickness
50-150 microns
Per your requirements

Film Width
Up to 14 m
Per your requirements

Film Length & Roll Width
Per your requirements

Film Color

You can request customized plastic film to meet your agricultural needs!

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