Multi-layer PE film used to protect all types of livestock forage stored in silage pits, bunkers, flat silos & haystacks.

  • Also known as bunker silo cover, silage bunker covers, silage film, silage protection sheets, silage sheets/sheeting, bunker cover film
  • Keep animal fodder fresh by providing an anaerobic condition free of light, water & oxygen
  • Fostering lactic fermentation for high-protein and high-energy silage resulting in reduced food supplement costs
  • Prohibiting acetic & butyric fermentation that leads to deterioration & decay
  • UV-stabilized co-extruded film to last 12 & 18 months
  • Resistance to tear, perforation and impact

Film Thickness
50 – 200 microns
Per your requirements

Film Width
Up to 14 m
Per your requirements

Film Length & Roll Width
Per your requirements

Film Color

You can request customized plastic film to meet your agricultural needs!

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